Company Overview

Company Overview

As a veteran provider of data management products, Modular Information Systems leverages new technology applications with long standing database platform technology while providing superior support.

Modular Information Systems is a company that exhibits an unyielding focus on solving real world problems through the practical application of advanced technologies. Our mission is to gain an understanding of the problems, challenges and risks of our customers and provide integrated software and hardware solutions that fulfill their needs in a timely, efficient and high-quality manner.

At Modular Information Systems, we have built an industry reputation for delivering innovative software solutions on time, within budget, without compromising quality or functionality. We deliver software applications and infrastructure solutions efficiently, predictably and accurately--by focusing on a repeatable, lightweight process. This process adapts to changing requirements and stresses the importance of frequent customer feedback.

Modular Information Systems has achieved an extraordinary amount of success in architecting mission critical enterprise applications. A large part of our success can be attributed to our extensive experience and background in enterprise-wide solutions.

We provide quality full-service computing solutions, on time and at a value cost..

We accomplish this goal by:

  • Encouraging our clients to participate in development of individualized solutions tailored to their specific needs.
  • Researching solutions for clients that offer value and long-term benefit.
  • Maintaining long-term, mutually profitable partnerships. We make a profit when you make a profit.
  • Acting with integrity by stating clearly what can and can't be done, and then living up to our word.
  • Providing Information Systems resources for an entire IT organization. We know that it is difficult to have an IT Staff that has every skill that you need for your business. Our consultants can augment that missing skill for a short or long-term period.
  • Maintaining a highly trained staff by encouraging quality work and rewarding superior performance.
  • Providing ongoing support through training, documentation and Help Desk.
  • Giving our clients excellent value through hardware and software solutions of superior design at a competitive price.
  • Providing outstanding hardware and software, whose performance and reliability is protected by warranty.