Dell EqualLogic PS Series

Simple and efficient storage management is critical to addressing the increasingly complex IT challenges from trends such as server virtualization, and exponential growth of application data. Applications, whether they are running in physical or virtual environments, continually demand more from their storage systems—as performance, capacity, availability, backup, and disaster recovery needs intensify, so do expectations of the servers and storage that support them. As a result, IT professionals need a storage solution that integrates a full complement of high-end management capabilities, includes data protection, and operates intelligently. They need a reliable storage system that expands transparently and provides consistent data availability regardless of the server configuration, operating system, or application.

Dell EqualLogic PS Series iSCSI storage arrays offer a fundamental change in the way enterprises think about purchasing and managing storage. Built on a patented peer storage architecture, these solutions offer enterprise-class performance and reliability, intelligent automation, and seamless virtualization of storage for simplified storage management. The PS Series combines an intelligent, automated management framework and a comprehensive set of enterprise data services with a fault-tolerant hardware architecture that supports many major operating systems. It delivers a modular and cost-effective solution that can be deployed in appropriate increments for small and medium businesses, while also being cost-effective for large enterprises requiring scalable capacity and high-end performance.

Peer storage architecture

The EqualLogic PS Series is based on a unique, peer storage architecture. In this context, peer describes the collaboration and equal partnership of a single, simple architecture; components and arrays function as peers, working together to share resources, evenly distribute loads, and collaborate to help optimize application performance and provide comprehensive data protection.

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  • EqualLogic Local Data Protection Design
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  • Peer Deployment:

    Peer deployment is a SAN configuration technology that can sense network topology, automatically build RAID sets, and conduct a system health check to help ensure that components are fully functional. Peer deployment enables IT staff to potentially install, configure, and deploy most EqualLogic arrays in minutes.

  • Peer Control:

    Peer control offers virtualized storage management with a single view. PS Series arrays are designed to be selfmanaging; systems are designed to continuously monitor storage resources and automatically load balance data across controllers, network connections, and disk drives to help deliver optimal performance. Peer control automates key functions for configuration, management, storage pooling, and data distribution, helping minimize the complexity of storage administration.

  • Peer Provisioning:

    Peer provisioning enables administrators to dynamically provision resources to meet application requirements— including not only disk space, but also connectivity, security, performance, and data protection. When application requirements change, the storage configuration can change seamlessly. Peer provisioning is designed to simplify expansion while systems remain online; new arrays can be automatically added to the group and automatically connect to the SAN.

    Expansion is linear, enabling administrators to scale not only disk drives but also controllers, ports, cache, and performance as the environment grows. Peer provisioning enables enterprises to purchase storage on demand, which facilitates efficient use of both capital and storage resources. Advanced thin provisioning capabilities are included, giving administrators additional flexibility in providing storage to applications. Administrators can also allocate virtual storage to volumes up to preset limits and add physical capacity on demand. In both physical and virtual server environments, cloned volumes can be rapidly assigned to different servers to help meet changing needs.

  • Peer Protection:

    Peer protection starts with a robust design that avoids single points of failure and is designed to provide greater than 99.999 percent availability. It also includes built-in features such as application-aware snapshots for quick recovery and remote replication for disaster protection. These features enable administrators to quickly create end-to-end solutions that can help provide comprehensive protection against multiple types of failure or outage.

  • Peer Integration:

    Peer integration provides a comprehensive software toolkit to facilitate the deployment, ongoing management, and protection of EqualLogic SANs in Microsoft® Windows® OS environments and VMware® environments. As a Microsoft® Windows® Simple SAN-designated solution, the EqualLogic PS Series is proven, interoperable, and easy to set up and manage for Windows® platforms. EqualLogic Auto-Snapshot Manager/ Microsoft® Edition provides a feature-rich tool to help protect and recover data for Windows® applications and Hyper-V™ virtual machines. The EqualLogic PS Series is VMware HCLcertified and also includes advanced integrated tools including Auto-Snapshot Manager/VMware Edition and Site Recovery Manager Adapters to optimize data protection and disaster recovery in the VMware environment.

    The EqualLogic peer storage architecture makes enterpriseclass performance, scalability, and reliability possible in an intelligent, automated management framework that helps eliminate tedious administrative tasks while enabling easy bestpractices storage management.

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