Information Technology

We have the capability to assess your existing Information Technology organization, analyze your business needs and growth plans, and subsequently create a plan focused on the strategic requirements for your organization. If you feel that your IT needs are frequently identified when they are at the "problem" stage, talk to us. We can help you be proactive.


Modular can provide Information Technology resources for your entire IT organization. We know that it is difficult to have an IT Staff that has every skill that you need for your business. Our consultants can augment that necessary skill for short or long-term projects.

  Project Management

Successful project management assures the achievement of your organization's goals and allows you to focus on your next objective. Our project managers keep track of budget, project plan, details, co-dependencies, resources and schedules, so that each task in the project is performed on time or rescheduled in a timely manner. They can work with your staff or manage a group of resources from multiple organizations effectively.

  Technical Writing

Our Certified Technical Writers are expert at documentation in a variety of publishable formats including; Word, Web Pages, Acrobat pdf, Adobe Pagemaker and Microsoft Publisher. Please ask to see a sample of our work. Examples of documents Modular can provide include:

  • End User Software Manuals
  • Requirements Definitions
  • Proposals
  • Functional & Technical Specifications
  • System Admin & Operational Procedures

Modular Information Systems has experience converting and migrating a wide range of application software products and databases. Whether converting from a legacy based system using fixed file architectures, or migrating from one SQL compliant database to another, Modular's detailed methodology and proven conversion plans assure your success.

Our familiarity with IBM, Oracle, SQL Server, Access, and MultiValue databases promises that you will have database administrators who understand your business data, allowing correct and safe delivery of this valuable asset to your target database.

A core competency in MultiValue databases, as well as experience performing every possible MultiValue conversion, makes Modular Information Systems an industry leader in conversions to/from MultiValue platforms.

Our Technology Group provides Microsoft, Unix and Network certified personnel to assist in platform sizing, performance tuning, implementation and migrations. Modular also has comprehensive hardware and software resources that may be loaned to customers to aid in conversion and migration needs on a temporary basis.


We provide a number of flexible training services at your site or in our San Ramon training facility. We can work one-on-one with an employee or provide formal classroom training. For software Modular has developed on your behalf, we offer "Train the Trainer" or end user training classes, including a detailed curriculum that your student will retain as a valuable job tool.

  Help Desk Support

Our Help Desk is capable of providing End User Application Software support for your organization. The Help Desk will locate and dispatch your consultant or developer, resolve your problem, or escalate your request to a consultant with the appropriate skills. Each call is logged and monitored until a successful solution is recorded. Monthly help desk call reports are available for your review.

Help Desk Support is available via support contracts, call packs, or a per call basis. We have full coverage help desk contracts for those with 12 hour/5 day or 24 hour/7 day support needs.


We offer several levels of procurement services. If you already know the make and model of the product that you need, we'll find the lowest price available through our distributor network. If you need assistance with product selection, we offer qualified consultants who can help you select the best product to fit your requirements and budget.

  Contract Negotiations

Our Management Consultants can help negotiate the best value and terms on your behalf. We can help you structure a balanced purchase contract so that all your deliverables are met, when you expect them. We also look out for total cost over the life of the contract, often structuring limits on rate increases, so that you have control over your long-term costs.

We can help research the organization you are purchasing from, to find out if they have the resources to deliver all that they promise. Our affiliation with a Technology specific legal firm assures that your contract will include legal clauses with enforceable terms.