Management Team

MODULAR INFORMATION SYSTEMS: "Our long-standing reputation has been built on reliability and integrity."

Modular Systems’ Management team brings an established track record in innovation with database management and software development--combined with integrated technologies. Leveraging years of development and service delivery practices, managements hands-on experience with IBM, Oracle, SQL Server, Access and MultiValue databases provides clients with a valuable resource.

For the past twenty-three years the company has built its reputation on consistent reliability and the integrity of its people. It’s no surprise that the company’s HELP DESK SUPPORT SERVICE, developed and continuallty refined by the company's technical group, has become an integral part of the business and cements the foundation of the company.

The company’s flagship product Vintners Advantage has been significant player in servicing the needs of international Vintners from POS through entire inventory control, the integrated software and database support platform has hundreds of committed users.

This fall Modular Information Systems management team is Launching VINTNERS ADVANTAGE/express. Operating in one of the fastest growing markets, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), also known as the on-demand market, Vintners Advantage Express is uniquely positioned for rapid growth with flexibly priced, innovative software solutions; an experienced management team; quarterly marketing lead generation programs; an existing pipeline of sales opportunities; and established strategic partner relationships.

We believe these factors will enable Vintners Advantage Express to grow its business and market share quickly over the next couple of years and, during this time, we believe, the demand for SaaS solutions will remain high. The worldwide SaaS market reached $6.3BB in 2006 and Gartner predicts that the market will grow to $19.3BB by year-end 2011.

Strategically positioned for long-term growth, the company is not just one to watch, but to follow as they lead the way to the next generation of Vineyard Management.