SAP Application Platform

Build, deliver, and run software efficiently with an in-memory application platform running in the cloud or on premise.

Operate in real time by delivering and running software efficiently and quickly. With an in-memory application platform from SAP, you can:

  • Run existing applications quickly
  • Speed the development of next-generation applications that exploit in-memory performance capabilities
  • Store, access, and process data faster in the cloud or on premise
  • Accelerate innovation with a flexible and highly adaptable application platform

Included Capabilities

  • In-Memory Platform
    Build next-generation applications with one in-memory application platform

    Deliver modern applications for a digital economy using one in-memory platform that unites an in-memory database with application services, advanced data processing, integration functions, and deployment features. With our platform you can:

    • Create agile applications that deliver real-time results based on fresh transactional data
    • Run existing SAP applications faster with no manual effort
    • Use advanced analytics to gain deep insights that enhance your competitive advantage
  • Platform as a Service
    Build, extend, and innovate with an in-memory cloud platform

    Engage customers, optimize business processes, and unleash new revenue streams by leveraging Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings from SAP. Our solutions can help you:

    • Build innovative, consumer-grade, and industry-specific cloud applications quickly
    • Extend and integrate the latest cloud and on-premise solutions
    • Improve business flows to better meet your customer's needs now

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