SAP Content and Collaboration

Empower employees and connect with customers and partners within the business processes and applications they use daily

Enable collaboration across the entire business - where and when needed - through software, apps, and mobile devices people use every day with SAP software and tools. Make informed decisions and deliver results by combining expertise, content, and best practices with real-time data from business systems and collaboration tools for functions such as sales, service, and human resources.

Solution Capabilities

  • Content Collaboration
    Increase usability and improve user engagement with content integration

    Provide a personalized, unified point of access to relevant information and processes with content integration. SAP solutions can help you:

    • Create an enticing customer experience that strengthens customer loyalty, improves productivity, and engages with external audiences
    • Build and maintain everything from simple role-based application presentation to complex, integrated experiences
    • Combine analytics, transactions, documents, and workflow elements on location, through mobile, or in the cloud
  • Social Collaboration
    Empower business processes and commerce with social collaboration solutions

    Enable social collaboration inside and outside the entire business, including your e-commerce channel. SAP solutions can help you:

    • Deliver results with the combined power of expertise, content, best practices and real-time data
    • Drive revenue with optimized content for commerce
    • Attract and retain customers throughout the buying journey by offering relevant, trusted content
    • Lower the total cost of customer acquisition

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