SAP Process Management and Integration

Improve and optimize business operations with process management and integration

Provide your business processes with constant monitoring in order to optimize business operations. With process management and integration solutions from SAP, you can:

  • Monitor and adjust to changing business needs
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Manage the full process lifecycle, from process analysis through modeling, implementation, and execution all the way to in-flight monitoring
  • Integrate process monitoring for SAP and non-SAP solutions, on premise and in the cloud

Solution Capabilities

  • Decision Automation
    Improve decision making with decision automation

    Make better and faster operational decisions and respond rapidly to changing business requirements with decision automation. SAP solutions can help you:

    • Simplify the composition, execution, and maintenance of all-important business rules
    • Fortify consistent, enterprise-wide enforcement of policies and procedures
    • Improve decision making
    • Accelerate response to changing business imperatives
  • Process Analytics
    Improve operational decision-making with process analytics

    Put your operational data into meaningful context that gives lines of business visibility across end-to-end business processes with process analytics solutions from SAP. Our solutions enable you to:

    • Make decisions based on accurate, real-time insights into business processes
    • Identify process bottlenecks, weak spots, and issues proactively
    • Gain an accurate picture of when tasks are performed and whether processes are running as-designed
  • Process Integration
    Connect all application landscapes through tighter process integration

    Support process integration that allows your developers to connect their IT landscapes across distributed applications and among customers and partners. SAP solutions can help you:

    • Exchange information across heterogeneous system landscapes
    • Unify connectivity to multiple business and technical systems and applications
  • Process Management
    Create and adapt processes collaboratively with improved process management

    Support closer, more-effective teamwork among process experts, end users, and business analysts with collaborative process management. SAP solutions can help you:

    • Model business processes graphically
    • Engage in more-effective discussions
    • Create processes that meet business requirements

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