Rocket® SystemBuilder

With SystemBuilder, developers can take advantage of industry-standard support for increasing productivity and improving application maintainability and portability. A cross-platform, complete application development and deployment environment, SystemBuilder enables developers to focus on what they know best: their application, their business and their users. Developers can thus build client/server, mission-critical business solutions specifically optimized for nested relational and multivalue databases.

SystemBuilder is comprised of SB+ Server, a 4GL development environment for host-based and client/server development, and SBClient, a second component of the client/server solution that brings GUI features to host-based applications. Applications developed using SB+ Server and SBClient are deployed in many organizations worldwide across a vast range of operating environments, databases and user interfaces.

SB/XA is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) and deployment toolset that enables you to quickly design U2 data server structures and business logic processes to create robust applications and deploy them through multiple User Interfaces (UI).uctures-allowing your business to move to a whole new level of information control.

  With SB/XA, you can:
  • Use comprehensive tools, mapped to common business functions, to guide development of business logic processes and to provide integration to create robust customized applications
  • Deploy applications inside a browser or rich client to meet all of your customers' needs
  • Visually enhance your application using Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) to modify lookless controls and brand your application without changing the underlying business logic
  • Integrate custom or commercial .NET control to extend the capabilities of your application
  • Publish and share your reports and data output in Excel, Word, Email and XML Paper Specification (XPS) format
  • Manage your application artifacts with lifecycle management tools for revision, version control, and maintenance-free deployment

Features & Benefits

SystemBuilder incorporates the latest technology and supports ActiveX® controls to help companies move toward a component-based, distributed architecture. Additional enhancements to SystemBuilder include GUI objects such as tab folders, dynamic combo boxes, multivalue scrollbars and multivalue grid control support.

The SBX navigation system of SB+ simplifies visual development and introduces a menuing system for end users familiar with the Windows® Explorer metaphor. In addition, SBClient sup-ports OLE and VBScript, while SB+ exposes this functionality via new paragraph statements.

  • Highlights:

    SystemBuilder™ Extensible Architecture (SB/XA) optimizes application development and provides flexible deployment options for UniVerse® and UniData® (U2) Databases.

  • Benefits:
    • Accelerated consistent application delivery optimized for U2 Databases
    • Modern application User Interface
    • Publish report output in Excel, Word or XPS formats
    • Extend your application capabilities using .NET custom controls
    • Multiple deployment options satisfies all client types preserving legacy development for future reuse
    • Connects applications to intranets and the Web
    • Central client configuration management and ClickOnce deployment reduces cost of ownership

  • Features:
    • Intuitive 4GL provides comprehensive tooling and process definitions to quickly build a U2 based application meeting any business logic requirement
    • Rules library of standard development functions such as validations, defaults, business rules and data management expressions that can be integrated or reused consistently across your application
    • Simple screen builder encapsulates all components in forms and a run-time driver to manage application execution without additional compilation or source binding
    • Multiple User Interface (UI) options supporting intranet browser, rich client, GUI or character installations simultaneously without changes to business logic Lookless controls prove a modern look and feel that can be customized using Styles and Themes
    • Custom controls allow you to integrate your own or commercial .NET Controls with your SB/XA application
    • Report Writer provides complex reporting and output to other office tools
    • Globalization features support delivery of applications in multiple languages Integrated Security system provides complete protection of data and processes and can be controlled at the Group, User, Process or data field level
    • Single-Sign On and Connection Resilience provide secure solid foundation for all applications deployed

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