Barrel Barcode Management

Keep track of barrels by groups or individual numbers. Track topping and consolidation dates. Detailed barrel only inventory reports available. Bar Code your barrels!

Barrels may be tracked individually or in groups. The user may specify barrel types based on barrel characteristics and capacities. The date in wood is captured as each barrel is filled, and barrel composition is available on a historical and current basis.

Topping, stack movements and barrel consolidation features are available, as is shipping/receiving directly into/out of barrels. In use and empty barrels are also identified.

  Key Features:

Bar code tracking and collection devices are available.

  • Barcode Reader Automatically Populates Winery Operations Work Orders with Barrel Details
  • Keep track of barrels by groups or individual numbers
  • Reads Individual Barrel Barcodes
  • Track topping and consolidation dates
  • Scan Multiple Operations such as Racking, Topping, Sulfur Additions, etc.
  • Increases Productivity in tracking Individual Barrels
  • Detailed barrel inventory reports
  • Bar Code your barrels!

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