The Order Entry system provides real-time inventory availability verification, order acknowledgements, picking tickets, customer product allocations, Bills of Lading, and invoicing. Invoice formats may be customized. Credit terms and order hold controls are available.

Product lot tracking is a configurable feature. Lot numbers are assigned to Sales Orders in Order Entry, and the final shipped Lot Numbers are identified with the Invoice.

Inventory is tracked in full and part cases and may be sold in full or part cases. Inventory is tied to purchasing, making on-order product information available in sales order entry and inventory queries. Backorders are allowed.

Purchasing allows the creation of purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and receiving transactions. Overdue orders, cash commitments, expected receipts, and QA reports are available.

Sales visibility is provided through detailed and summary Sales Analysis Reports. This includes analysis of customers, products, sales representatives, sales areas, major customer codes, customer discount types, account types, or any combination of these key fields. All fields and tables are user defined.

Sales analysis inquiries and reports are available by product, brand, quantity, selling price, and standard cost or sales contribution.

  The Vintners Advantage Sales & Distribution module includes:
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Purchasing
  • Optional Interfaces to Bottling, General Ledger and Accounts Payable
  • Sales Analysis & Reports
  • Inventory Control
  • Physical Inventory


  • The following features are also included:
    • Multiple Bonded or Tax paid Warehouses
    • Quantity Ordered vs Inventory On-Hand
    • Multiple Companies
    • Invoices, Credit Memos and Packing Slips
    • Product Allocations
    • Full Inventory Transaction Audit Trails
    • Multiple Selling Prices for Products
    • Sales Forecasting
    • Special Prices by Customer and Date Range
    • TTB Compliance
    • Purchasing units may differ from Selling units
    • Excise & Sales Tax Reporting
    • Ability to sell split units (Dozens, cases, bottles)
    • Serial/Lot Number Tracking
    • Robust Customer and Product Inquiries
    • Wine Club Association

  • Sales Orders and Invoicing:
    • Sales Orders may be entered for multiple warehouses and products, including in-bond and tax paid wine or spirits.
    • Excise taxes and sales taxes are calculated appropriately for in-bond inventory that is sold through the Sales Order module.
    • Picking Tickets may be printed to aid in warehouse fulfillment.
    • Single pass or Confirming Sales Orders are available so that inventory may be confirmed prior to shipment.
    • Invoice print can include a customized invoice with Winery logo
    • Bills of Lading
    • Lot Tracking is available so that all inventory can be tracked through your warehouse and to your customers.
    • Flexible pricing is available with unlimited options for setting up pricing and customer type combinations.
    • Payment options include cash, check, credit card, wire transfer, or ACH.
    • Monthly Aging & Statements of Account
    • Order Entry for instock and back ordered products
    • Order Acknowledgements that can be sent to customers
    • Invoice Printing of partial or complete orders
    • Support for multi currency
    • Automatic or manual posting
    • Aging Reports & Statements
    • Flexible Product Pricing & Discount structures
    • Integrates to General Ledger & Inventory Support for Cash Receipting, Sales Order and Picking slips, Invoicing, Credit entry, Picking Slips
    • Comprehensive support for lot or serial tracked sales and invoicing
    • Credit holds & credit limits
    • Sales analysis including product budgets by areas, account managers and customers
    • Interfaces to electronic cash registers for Tasting Room sales
    • Interface to Just My Wine Club Software

  • Invoicing:

    Vintners Advantage allows direct invoicing on completion of Sales Orders or confirmation of Picking Tickets. Backorders are allowed, and split invoices are created if the Back Order Inventory configurable parameter is set. The invoice is laser printed, and can be emailed to your customer, or fulfillment provider. Payments may be made via Credit Card, Check, Wire Transfer or ACH payment. Statements are also available, and may also be laser printed, or emailed to your customer. Accounts Receivable Aging reports provide detailed information on Receivable case due.

  • Inventory:
    • Vintners Advantage provides multiple bonded and tax paid inventory locations.
    • Inventory may be lot or serial number tracked
    • All inventory belongs to a tax class and taxable group.
    • Multiple pricing levels apply by customer and inventory level so that the correct price is charged depending upon the customer.
    • Inventory belongs to product group families so that you can view sales and inventory transactions by brand.
    • Inventory may not be moved without an inventory transaction so that you always have accountability.
    • A physical inventory feature is included that prints a detail recap by warehouse of in stock inventory and allows for adjustments by batch to account for inventory differences.

  • Sales Reporting and Analysis:

    All sales through Vintners Advantage are recapped by customer by product and several sub-layers of detail.

    • Reporting exists that recaps by Month to day, Quarter to Date and Year to Date
    • Sales Forecasts may be setup by product, sales representative or customer
    • User defined reports are available with templates that the user saves.
    • Comparison of sales to date may be compared to Forecast. Sales reports show profit margins

    Sales reports are available by:

    • Sales Representative
    • Territory
    • Product
    • Brand
    • Customer
    • Customer Type

  • Product Allocations:
    Vintners Advantage allows products to be setup on allocation. Once a product is established as an allocated product, only customers identified with that allocation may have sales orders processed for said product. Reporting comparisons exist for established allocations vs customer purchase to assure that customers who have allocated product utilize the allocation effectively.

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