ODBC Data Map Module includes: ODBC data definitions for all data fields within Vintners Advantage modules. Integrates to all ODBC compliant software including Excel, Word, Access and Crystal Reports. Includes 1 User Crystal Report License. Does not include 2 Database licenses. Integrates to all modules.

The ODBC module allows users to create their own reports from Vintners Advantage using Microsoft Query, Excel, Word, Crystal Reports and any other ODBC compliant reporting tool.

Training is provided that details the data relationships and helps ‘kick start’ the reporting effort.


  • Vineyard Planting:
    • Allocate planting details to each grower
    • Extract historical data of vineyard performance by variety, appellation, block and row!
    • Cost and record vineyard activity

  • Grape Receipt Forecast:
    • Plan and monitor grape receipts by grower, variety and appellation!
    • Compare against past years' performance
    • Product Allocations
    • Balance receipt requirements with the available tonnage from each grower

  • Grape Receipts:
    • Integrates weigh tags on-line entry with grower payment system
    • Monitors outstanding grape deliveries
    • Auto-links to crushing work orders to create a wine's cost and composition!

  • Grower Payments:
    • Table-driven methods of grower payments
    • Progressive pool payment system allows flexible grower payments with detailed remittance advice!
    • Preset parameters for carrier payments

  • Composition and Costing:
    • Composition and cost of the wine follows the work order flow!
    • Detailed varietal and actual composition available for each tank, as well as for historical work orders
    • Powerful operational costing includes fixed, variable, additive and storage costs

  • Cellar Work Orders:
    • Create work orders for any step in the winemaking process
    • Send work orders to the cellar and receive back detailed confirmation of work performed
    • Use work orders for production planning!

  • Laboratory Analysis:
    • Chemistry results are entered and tracked
    • Historical recap of all readings and tests performed

  • Chemical Additive Tracking:
    • Issue Chemical Additives using a work order
    • Current and historical chemical additive composition data
    • Additive issuance reporting for BATF is easy!

  • Compliance Tracking:
    • Reduces Form 702 preparation time!
    • Increases accuracy of Compliance reports

  • Barrel Management:
    • Keep track of barrels by groups or individual numbers
    • Track topping and consolidation dates
    • Detailed barrel inventory reports
    • Bar Code your barrels!

  • Inventory Control:
    • Manage inventory in one or multiple warehouses!
    • Physical Inventory software included

  • Bottling:
    • Plan your bottling schedule!!
    • Order components in advance
    • Auto-updates inventory transactions at end of bottling run

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